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ACS members receive Spyhopper as a benefit of membership.

Spyhopper is ACS’s quarterly newsletter, featuring cetacean-related news and events, compelling and eclectic articles by well-known guest authors, ACS chapter updates, reports on ACS programs and campaigns, book reviews, artwork, and more! It even includes a special section for kids.

Spyhopper plays an essential role in keeping our members and supporters well-informed about contemporary issues in cetacean protection and welfare, and educating our constituents about the conservation and policy issues we support.

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ACS members receive Whalewatcher journal as a benefit of membership.

Nominated for a Western Publishing Association 2012 Maggie Award, Whalewatcher is ACS’s premium publication and an exclusive benefit of paid annual membership. Published once a year, each edition of Whalewatcher is dedicated to a specific contemporary theme (e.g., climate change) or taxa (e.g., killer whales) and features an outstanding team of internationally-renowned guest editors and authors who submit articles addressing a particular topic. In this way, even the most complex issues such as climate change can be addressed in substantive, clear, and easy-to-understand terms.

Whalewatcher is not a scientific research publication, per se. Rather, it is the Society’s conduit by which credible, timely science and research on cetacean-related issues is made available to our members. Articles are written for an educated lay audience, and the publication is subject to review and approval by the Whalewatcher editorial staff and scientific review panel.